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your mom cares

Halo-Heart Designs is honored to be partnering with YourMomCares!

Support a wonderful cause in style with these HANDMADE LUCITE CUFF BRACELETS! Engraved with #YourMomCares, this IRIDESCENT cuff is fun, colorful, and will jazz up any outfit. 25% of each bracelet goes to YourMomCares!

The idea for YourMomCares #ymc originated in 2014 when the mothers of Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys came together to advocate for children in a public service announcement about access to healthcare. Today YourMomCares has grown into a powerful movement, uniting the mothers of influencers in the arts, pop culture, social media, sports, and sciences. As a group, their ability to draw attention to the most important causes has immeasurable power to serve our country’s kids, with a focus on mental wellness. They are moms who care.


#YMCKiss Campaign cuff

Wear a kiss on your wrist in support of mental wellness with this limited edition #YMCKISS CAMPAIGN cuff bracelet! 25% of each bracelet goes to YourMomCares and includes a handmade WHITE lucite cuff in our PIXIE style, engraved and painted with a kiss.